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“Stripped” Concert Series

Entitled “Stripped”, this intimate and unplugged concert series will be featuring local musicians at trendy venues throughout the country over the course of the year.  Furthermore, each Stripped concert will be featuring a different form of creative talent, from local artists displaying their work, to local fashion boutiques modeling their styles, to theatrical and comedic acts, all under the creative umbrella of Arc2. While supporting the local creative talents, Arc2 will also be supporting local selected charities. 

At each Stripped event, Arc2 will have representatives from record labels, media, Art and music lovers alike listening to the incredibly talented local musicians and feasting upon the visual elements of art and fashion, all there to lend their support to the local art scene.  Producer Andy Chu goes on to say “We really wanted to provide a vehicle to support musicians, Artists and bring attention to the plight of so many unfortunate people who don’t get the opportunity to explore their own goals.  Really, it’s about the giving of chances.  So many of us would not be doing what we are today if it weren’t for the chances and support that came our way,”

Created and Produced by Andy Chu

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Camille Miller at Stripped Series Vol.12