Arc 2 Intertainment is an advanced production company in the field of entertainment arts. We create, develop and produce multimedia projects that are technically innovative and visually inspiring. Arc 2’s distinct divisions encompass a wide range of capabilities; from simple website development to television series to feature films production. By eliminating the costs of outsourcing, we increase the overall control of every project, making it streamlined and cost efficient. We have successfully authored a wide range of entertainment-based projects and continue to re-invent ourselves in the pursuit of excellence.

FMA Entertainment: Never ordinary – inventive creation and execution of television, films and live events.

FMA RedDot Shopping Week: Designed to encourage consumers to explore their local shopping hubs and discover some of the unique retailers available in town.

Pacific Crossing Media Group: Bridge connections – create partnerships and develop business between Canadian and Asia companies.

EXVR360 Studio: Next generation – fully loaded technical outpost on Virtual Reality technology.

Our mission  is to inspire our clients and surpass their expectations in the evolution of media arts. In the evolving world of media arts.