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REDDOT Luxury Shopping – YVR Alberni Street

What is YVR Alberni?

Objective: Create consumer excitement; promote Vancouver most luxury retailers and hospitality sector to the locals, visitors by showcasing what is available to them in the heart of Vancouver’s “Luxury Zone” – the 30+ high end retailers, restaurants and attractions on the one block area around the 1000 Block Alberni form an area that is considered the most exclusive shopping and dining area in Western Canada
Challenge: The area sometimes referred to as a “Luxury Zone” has not received the community recognition that should be warranted. Although part of the Vancouver Downtown BIA, this exclusive block is lost in such a large BIA and has been unable to develop a brand on its own.
Goal: To develop a brand for the “Luxury Zone” with digital properties and hosts a collection of exclusive events ranging from luxurious jewelry festivals, super car show to seasonal holiday spectaculars. These annual must-see events are featured only on Alberni. #OnlyonAlberni


Only On Alberni:

Whether shopping for the hottest trends, stylish classics, or designer fashions, YVR Alberni is a shopper’s paradise! We are creating a brand can be recognized as one of the top luxury shopping and fine dining destination. Parallel to other acclaimed areas such as Fifth Avenue in New York, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Lined with international labels such as Prada, Hermes, Versace, Tory Burch, Burberry, Strellson, Moncler, Brunello Cucinelli and Yves Saint Laurent, as well as luxury retail icons Rolex, De Beers, M0851, Jaegar-LeCoulter, Lao Feng Xiang and Tiffany & Co.

alberni stores

Exclusive events:

YVR Alberni will be hosting a collection of exclusive events, festivals to create an exciting shopping experience throughout the year with valet parking on the block. That is both an industry & consumer event that represents Alberni “Luxury Zone”.  Events including Retailer in-stores shopping events, Father’s day Super car display on the block,  Mother’s day runway fashion shows with showroom shopping, seasonal holidays events, special VIP receptions, online giveaway and sales.

street party

                                                                                                                      Digital Properties:

YVR Alberni web page

  1. Online: Build the website with complete directory functionality, 2 weekly articles, sign-up form and social media links
  2. Landing Pages: Build and launch…ShopAlberni, DineAlberni and StayAlberni
  3. List Presence: Publish info on all four URLs on Google and over 300 directories.
  4. Social Media: Design and build Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
  5. Newsletter: Design and build a monthly one-page newsletter




Build Non-Digital Properties:

YVR Alberni pocket book

  1. Street Pocket Guide: Develop a high-end “pocket-guide” available only at member establishments.
  2. Window Decals: Develop a “promotional” awareness campaign using signage to promote the brand and time spent in the area.

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Who is YVR Alberni?

REDDOT Shopping would develop and manage both the digital properties and promotional events entirely thru funding made by advertising sales and sponsorships…thus not encumbering the local businesses with any additional costs.

Digital Properties:

Neighbourhood Networks has the experience, people and software to develop, manage and sell advertising on these digital properties for the benefit of the merchants.

Exclusive events:

Andy Chu and FMA Entertainment has the experience, people and tools to develop, manage and promote the events for the benefit of the merchants.


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