FMA RedDot Shopping Week

FMA REDDOT Shopping Week is designed to encourage consumers to explore their local shopping hubs and discover some of the unique retailers available here in Vancouver.

REDDOT Shopping Week Campaign will highlight 5 key shopping districts within the Greater Vancouver Area just in time for the holiday spending spree. The event will support the Vancouver retail and hospitality industry bycreating a shopping experience to consumers in Vancouver’s distinct shopping neighborhoods with special store events and sales throughout the week. Shoppers will be able to navigate each district’s area and stores with a unique mobile app.

The fun doesn’t just stop at your traditional retailers, this shopping event including art galleries, hair salons, spa, furniture stores, car dealerships and even real estate agencies.  To encouraging over night staying during the shopping week,REDDOT Shopping Week organizers are working with our community partner Tourism Vancouver to coordinate special hotel rates for the shopping week.

CharityTapestry Foundation for Health Care in support of The Rapid Access Breast Clinic at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital is the charity of choice for FMA REDDOT Shopping Week, with funds being raised from ticket sales, auctions and restaurant partnerships.

FMA REDDOT Shopping Week is asking the community to support the Mount Saint Joseph (MSJ) Hospital’s Rapid Access Breast Clinic, one of BC busiest breast care programs.

FMA REDDOT Shopping Week Schedule

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Retailers and Partners

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