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FMA RedDotArt360 – One of the first online art gallery accepting Bitcoin in Canada

VANCOUVER, BC – May 15th, 2014FMA REDDOT Shopping is pleased to announce launching RedDotArt360 online Art Gallery web site and a Bitcoin demonstration media reception on June 20th 2014. RedDotArt360 is one of the first online art gallery accepting Bitcoin payment in Canada.

RedDotArt360 is a new online marketplace to connect and discover original art for an affordable price. We want to make it easy for everyone to connect and discover art and emerging artists. We keep it simple with one affordable price – flat rate $360. We are dedicated to encouraging everyone to discover original art and to supporting emerging artists.

FMA REDDOT Shopping also launching RedDotMusic and RedDotFashion online platforms coming months before the annual REDDOT Shopping Week in November

About BitCoins:

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is created and controlled by a democratic, consensus based computer network. It’s similar to Bit-torrent, but with monetary purposes in mind. Like gold, Bitcoin is finite. Users can send bitcoins directly to each other anywhere in the world, instantaneously, for nearly no fees. Bitcoin is changing the world of finance the same way the Internet has changed the way we communicate.


Buy original artwork for $360 with free shipping

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