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Miss World Canada 2013

Camille Munro of Saskatchewan crowned as Miss World Canada 2013 – Delegates raise over $64,000 for Charity

Vancouver, BC (May 16, 2013) – 35 beautiful young women from across Canada came to contend for their spot to be the next Miss World Canada. Arriving on May 1, the ladies spent a week in Vancouver exploring the city and going through the intense rehearsals for the final competition, which was held on May 8 and 9 at the River Rock Casino and Resort.

An evening full of glamour, the finale event itself was produced by Andy Chu of Arc2Intertainment and choreographed by Stephanie Sy of Pur Movement. The contestants wowed the audiences with their grace and precision on stage and for each of their performances truly put their best foot forward. Not to be outdone, prominent leaders for Vancouver businesses, social scene and charity organizations were out in wearing their finest for the event, with a packed house arriving for the crowning ceremony on May 9th.

 The evening also included performances by Mr. World Canada Frankie Cena, local vocalist Warren Dean Flandez, and a touching farewell speech by the outgoing Miss World Canada 2012  Tara Teng.

 In its second year being hosted in Vancouver, the organization Chairman Ike Lalji spoke to how these young women have the ability to change the future. The Miss World Canada team ensures that they stay focused on a positive and success filled path in life through their Development Program that encourages them in the areas of personal growth, empowerment, career skills and more. The 2013 delegates showcased their devotion and eagerness to be great leaders by raising over $64,000 for their partner Variety – the Children’s Charity.

No one can deny the contestants’ passion and energy,
 said Chu,
I had the privilege working with these talented young ladies for 9 days!! These girls truly worked hard and came together as a team and supported one another that was truly amazing – all while knowing only one would take away the crown.

 And that special young woman was Camille Munro. Through all the photo shoots, rehearsals, sponsor events and overall long days, Munro’s consistency stood out as star to the team. This star quality was obviously shone through to the judges who crowned her Miss World Canada 2013.

 Chu went on to say,

I’m so proud of the ladies and wish them all the best of luck with which ever path they take. Congratulation Camille!!! We know you will make Canada proud.

Photo by Ed Ng
Photo by Silvester Law
Photo by Ed Ng