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Living Room Music Series Vol. 1

Living Room Music Series Vol. 1

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Schedule and Artist’s Information – Living Room Music Series Vol. 1

That’s a wrap!

10 days + 18 artists/guests = Living Room Music Series

With much LOVE and GRATITUDE. We’re honor to be working with the incredible and talented artists on this music series. Thank you for your participation and support!

We cannot thank enough to the thousands of grocery store workers, nurses, healthcare workers, food processing workers who are on the front lines every day to make sure communities have the food, supplies and medical care that we need to get through the impact of the pandemic outbreak.

The Living Room Music Series is a streaming music performance featuring local artists to pay tribute to our community essential and front-line workers, also raise funds of charities during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Music performance segments was streaming from May 11 – 20 at 7:15 pm daily after nightly applause for our front-line workers

Curated and produced by Andy Chu

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